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Product Name£º   Bronze Ball valve
Product Category£º  
Product Range£º  
Product Content£º    Applicable Standard Design Standard:      API 6D, ASME B16.34, API 608, BS 5351, MSS SP-72 Face to Face:           API 6D, ASME B16.10, EN 558 End Connection:   ...
Product Name£º   Cryogenic Ball Valve
Product Category£º   Ball Valve
Product Range£º   1/2
Product Content£º   The cryogenic ball valve is one of important control elements in the ultra low temperature pipeline system and applied to low and ultra low temperature ,the valve has the advantages of compact sealing,rapid start and stop,low operation torque,high steadiness a...
Product Name£º   Top Entry Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve
Product Category£º   Ball Valves
Product Range£º   2
Product Content£º   Top entry trunnion mounted ball valves featuring with integral body, top entry trunnion mounted ball. This type of valves  gives convenient of in-line repair or replacing valve internal components without removing the body from the pipeline. The  s...
Product Name£º   Trunnion Ball valve
Product Category£º   Ball valves
Product Range£º   2
Product Content£º   Trunnion mounted ball valve is widely used in oil, nature gas pipeline and the industries of liquefied gas, coal gas,  etc. as an open/close control element. The design of seat seal uses unique two-level soft seal and metal to metal seal to  f...
Product Name£º   Metal Seated Ball Valve
Product Category£º   Ball Valves
Product Range£º   1/2"~24"
Product Content£º   Metal seated ball valves are specially designed according to actual working services or customer's requirement. It can be used in adverse working services and can meet the bad working services requirement such as high temperature, high pressure, stro...
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